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Olimpia gelati nasce nel 1978 dalla Famiglia Panseri unica proprietaria che ancora oggi porta avanti la gestione ela direzione di questa moderna azienda con passione e competenza . Olimpia gelati produce conto terzi e a proprio Marchio mantecato artigianale , sorbetti e monoporzioni di varie grammature confezionati in formati da 50 g a 3000 g.
0584 969252 Via Metalmeccanici, 21 55041 CAMAIORE ( Z.i. Le bocchette ) LU - Italy
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From 1978 Olimpia produces handmade quality ice-cream with passion, creativity and a growing will: satisfy every consumer‘s wish. Our activity was founded 1978 by Panseri Family, who has realised for 40 years now the most beloved ice-cream in Versilia (Tuscany). Like always we’re pursuing the direction of this modern firm with great passion for this job, which is made by the production of good and healthy ice-cream for our own production and the one of third parties. Whipped ice-cream, sorbets and semifreddi are produced in our advanced technological laboratories, without forgetting the handmade part, that makes our ice cream inimitable, thanks to his Italian row materials. We prefer to use local row materials, that we choose and work as our traditional recipes,

Behind a good ice-cream there are high quality ingredients, but more than anything a great job, that we follow passionately since forever. We pay attention on people’s taste changes to satisfy their needs without forgetting the products to be handmade and genuine. Our distribution nest delivers daily to hotels chains, restaurants, bars and other commercial activities with refrigerate transports. We realise supplies to Lucca, Pisa, Massa, Livorno and Pistoia and we have agreements with the most important national carrier for deliveries in other cities, even abroad. The virtue of our products is guaranteed, not only by costumers’ trust, but also by the CE certificate, the HACCP system and the security of our production chain.

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