Olimpia Gelati

Olimpia gelati nasce nel 1978 dalla Famiglia Panseri unica proprietaria che ancora oggi porta avanti la gestione ela direzione di questa moderna azienda con passione e competenza . Olimpia gelati produce conto terzi e a proprio Marchio mantecato artigianale , sorbetti e monoporzioni di varie grammature confezionati in formati da 50 g a 3000 g.
0584 969252 Via Metalmeccanici, 21 55041 CAMAIORE ( Z.i. Le bocchette ) LU - Italy

Food Division

Food Division – The activity

Olimpia Gelati Ltd offers a catering service too: we have a 800 m³ cell for the commercialization and distribution of frozen products like:

    • o Croissants
      o Cakes and patisseries
      o Bread
      o Salty snacks

    In these years Olimpia Gelati Ltd carefully looked for the best of the products that the market could offer, in Italy and abroad.
    Olimpia has never represented any Brand, instead it creates its own products’ selection with absolute prestige and quality warranty. We are next to our ice-cream products, we couldn’t do it differently. Our aim is indeed to be good and reliable partners for you. In these pages we offer an overview to the costumer with some indications.
    Olimpia owns refrigerated trucks for the products’ delivery…our team is at your disposal.

Marchi trattati

Olimpia Gelati Ltd provides a large selection of products for bars, hotels and restaurants. Delifrance for frozen croissants for bars and hotels.
Erlacher Pastry shop for patisseries and monoportions.
Agritech and Panitaly for frozen bread, pizza and salty snacks for bars, pools and other centers.
Our team is at your disposal: contact us!

Treated Brands